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May 31, 2012
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.S o r i. by Raisaitsu .S o r i. by Raisaitsu
Just a small doodle of some sort of a character I never revealed before, finally drew something other than a girl.. /sob

I've been meaning to draw Tengu's son.. who is called, Sori. He's very much an arrogant individual whom has been spoilt since birth due to being the first and only son, and has one hell of an attitude towards people who challenge him. He's also a womaniser... OTL..

Sori's a mixture of snake and crow, so he kinda has a mix from both of his parents genes. He does have a twin sister called Le'Kia, although they are fraternal twins. They don't get along well, but have pulled together when there are tough situations.

He's a very old character of mine, maybe one day he'll get a better image than this. But for now, this will do~

May scrap this later.. orz..

Sori & Artwork *Raisaitsu
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Helixel Jun 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh my, what a hunk. I think I'm in love Rai. He's gorgeous.
Hearing such words would make his ego rocket sky high..

Why, thank you Izzy~:heart:
serapeiris Jun 7, 2012
Hmmm. . . that looks a lot like an OC I watched Nooty draw ages ago. Are they supposed to be brother OCs?
Pretty sure you're mistaken on that. And I know what character you're on about, they're nothing alike.

Keep your assumptions to yourself instead of starting silly drama.
serapeiris Jun 8, 2012
Woah, woah. Take a chill pill please. I only asked if the characters were related. Wasn't trying to start any sort of drama. If you know the character I'm talking about, all the more I had to wonder if you guys co-created them together to be siblings or something since I just noticed quite a few things in common; similar hairstyle, similar pointy ears, similar earrings, similar armor, similar personality, and even similar avian origins.
he has a gorgeous design ;A; and i love your lines bb~
You don't know how much I am relieved he's liked so much already. :heart:

Thank you kindly, Bel~:heart:
JaguarGal Jun 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, I love the feel of this piece! The whole air of his attitude, with the movement of the composition... It's a great pose, too!

And he is indeed very handsome...and sexy :heart:
He has a really bad attitude problem, but it's okay.. I don't mind it. I'm pleased you like his pose, it looked better in my mind.. but I kinda like it anyhow. :heart:

Ohoho.. yet another person who is converted.

Thank you so much for the support~:heart:
Oh my my *-* he is so handsome, no wonder why he is womanizer :heart:

I love the way you drew the anatomy here, like the lil lines of the muscles and that armor design of his arms sure is sexy haha especially with that cross there
Happy to see your drawings again! I enjoy your monochromatic pieces a lot, this one has a special that fading effect!

Hope we get more from you soon hoho Awesome work! Sori is looking very hot TuT
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